There’s a streak of cold empathy in me
October 16, 2013
The Absent-Minded Confessor
October 31, 2013

O God beyond all names:
In the convolutions of this life,
Give me the clarity and strength of spirit
to pass the temptation of pettiness;
to reject the lure of licentiousness;
to cast out the unwelcome want of revenge.
Make me clean in my faith, as in my works:
may I shine brightly, even when times are dark,
and may I forever trust in you—
the One who knows what stars excite me
and what always be my stumbling blocks.
For I am nothing without You;
I know nothing apart from You.
In this fading light of day, I give you all that I own:
Good, and evil, and all between.
Be with me as I sleep, and call me when tomorrow wakes:
Another day, the constant faith to lead and live.


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